What's Your Story - 2019 Entry

Don’t Be a Bully, Be a Buddy

By:   Mae-Ann Tan


Age Group:   7-12
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My artwork is about how we should reach out to those who are being cyber-bullied. It is as bad as being bullied physically. Let’s do our part to raise awareness of the damage that can be done and how we should stop this in this age of technology and communication.


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  1. JW08 (2 years ago)

    Well done Mae-Ann!

  2. Daryl_loh (2 years ago)

    Content touches the very issues faced by many students nowadays. The artwork is also nicely arranged and genuine.

  3. EL (2 years ago)

    Good Job ! MaeAnn

  4. Lttan (2 years ago)

    nice one girl

  5. Boobear (2 years ago)

    Well done!

  6. Mehm (2 years ago)

    Hi Mae-Ann… This is Mdm Mehmutha. I am so proud of you. Good job!

  7. Blkmarket (2 years ago)

    To protect those we loved!!!Well spoken!!!Good luck!!!

  8. cheongcheanchian (2 years ago)

    Good job 👍

  9. Greencloud (2 years ago)

    Well done drawing that is able to depicts how the victim is going through..

  10. cheryllohjl (2 years ago)

    Very nice!!! All the best Mae-Ann!

    Love, Mrs Tsang