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Being Safe Online Literally Entry


Being Safe Online Literally

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The poster uses a visual slant in a literal sense to portray the negative and positive effects of communication on social media. With a simple change in tone and manner in which one is conveying the same message, it can have different effects on the recipients indicating the effects of social etiquette online. The peace symbol on the left side of the picture using black ink symbolizes an indelible form of goodwill shown to the recipients which may well be remembered and cherished, whereas the skull on the right side of the picture using white ink translated a symbol of emptiness in part of the sender and malice. The coloured text on the right symbolizes that life can be vibrant and cheerful with the right attitude as opposed to the classic black and white which symbolizes the dark ages of plague and death. At the end of the poster are gentle reminders to practice restraint, discipline and caution to our personal life so that a life in tech can be better.

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