Think Becareful when Online

Internet tips

How to be Safe on the Internet

Don’t post any photo that is inappropriately

Do not be easily scam by scammers

Think twice before you tap

Be Safe on Internet

Dont post any of your inappropriate photos or where you are staying at!

Think Twice Before You Click

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Stay Safe Always

Poster talks about how the audience can stay safe, be wary of strangers and not fall prey to scams.

Think before you act

Poster details how people must think first before sharing personal information and unwittingly participate in cyber bullying.

Don’t fall for fake news

Poster details how people should be more wary of fake news.

The Dangers of Not being careful when Online

Poster details what we should look out for and be careful of when using the web.

Rumors Spread Fast.

Be safe online as rumors spread fast.