Think Becareful when Online

Internet tips

How to be Safe on the Internet

Don’t post any photo that is inappropriately

Do not be easily scam by scammers

Think twice before you tap

Be Safe on Internet

Dont post any of your inappropriate photos or where you are staying at!

Think Twice Before You Click

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How can you stay safe on the internet

The main message that this poster is trying to express can be seen from handcuffs around the wrist; the handcuff acts as a form of “security” to our passwords. We can stay safe on the internet by securing our passwords to all our online accounts and devices by changing passwords regularly as well as by using complicated passwords. This will help to prevent hackers from invading our personal accounts.

Importance of Internet Safety

3 most important rules of Internet Safety:
1) Keep passwords safe
2) Don’t trust strangers online
3) Be careful of what you download

This is what my parents teach me and kept reminding me on everyday.
I limit my use of the internet daily to only 30min, unless necessary.
I must protect my eyes and get enough rest for school.

Thank you.


4 Simple Ways to Avoid Being Phish Hooked

4 simple ways to avoid being phished in and becoming financially fried!

Esafety by Arthur Gergele

This is my Esafety guide on how to stay safe on technology,Hope like it.

Ensuring your data protection online

It’s about staying safe online by not sharing personal details and passwords on social media platforms. It’s telling us how to protect our data to ensure our privacy and that in this way, it can’t be abused by others.