Don’t Blurt What Might Hurt

My Poster is about what happens when we are not careful with our words, especially online. In Singapore, many people hide behind their computer screens and criticize or judge others. These people are known as Keyboard Warriors. We should not be like them. Instead, we should always be mindful that behind the screen is another person just like us.

I represent Chua Chu Kang Primary School.

Don’t Be a Bully, Be a Buddy

My artwork is about how we should reach out to those who are being cyber-bullied. It is as bad as being bullied physically. Let’s do our part to raise awareness of the damage that can be done and how we should stop this in this age of technology and communication.

Our Combo How to stay safe at internet

This is what my sister and me discuss about cyber bullying and how to stay safe online.That’s why we call it our combos advise. We hope other children will take note down our advise. We watch news on crimewatch and we felt quite scary when we are online. Please be careful.

E-Safety – Staying Safe on the Internet

This poster shows the possible threats or problems to your usage on the internet, and how to spot or avoid these threats and problems. Stay safe on the internet!

Think Becareful when Online

Internet tips

How to be Safe on the Internet

Don’t post any photo that is inappropriately

Do not be easily scam by scammers

Think twice before you tap

Be Safe on Internet

Dont post any of your inappropriate photos or where you are staying at!

Think Twice Before You Click

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How can I stay safe online?

This poster clearly states how we can stay safe online. It includes cyberbullying, scams, phishing etc.