Stay safe online!

I thought that this design competition had a very meaningful theme as cyber safety is a large threat that generally affect lots of people, especially teenagers or even younger kids. I enjoyed creating this poster, trying to keep within a certain color scheme and researching on some of the ways that cyber safety can be implicated into our lives. Thank you

How to be safe on the internet

This is how you should stay safe online. Aimed at young people aged 8-14. I have made sure that it was simple and easy to read, I have used a colourful catchy images to gain attention whilst providing simple and easy tips to staying safe online.

Staying Safe Online

I think one of the most important aspects of staying safe online is putting your mental health first. It’s really easy to cross the line into unhealthy habits and starting to believe everything you see on social media. Although there are also many great things about going online- like connecting with others and sharing memories- it’s essential to stay safe and be aware of your online surroundings to protect yourself and your friends!

Internet Safety: SMART

My poster is inspired by the common acronym SMART, standing for secure, meet, accept, reliable, and tell. It encourages people of all ages to stay safe on the internet and to act intelligently. I hope this poster will help educate people about various ways they can stay safe on the internet.

Being Safe Online Literally

The poster uses a visual slant in a literal sense to portray the negative and positive effects of communication on social media. With a simple change in tone and manner in which one is conveying the same message, it can have different effects on the recipients indicating the effects of social etiquette online. The peace symbol on the left side of the picture using black ink symbolizes an indelible form of goodwill shown to the recipients which may well be remembered and cherished, whereas the skull on the right side of the picture using white ink translated a symbol of emptiness in part of the sender and malice. The coloured text on the right symbolizes that life can be vibrant and cheerful with the right attitude as opposed to the classic black and white which symbolizes the dark ages of plague and death. At the end of the poster are gentle reminders to practice restraint, discipline and caution to our personal life so that a life in tech can be better.


The four steps to staying SAFE on the Net! Delivered in attractive images and fonts – and a clear msg – for a young internet user.

Avoid Being A Victim To Cyber Crimes!

This poster depicts my 4 tips on how to stay safe on the Internet! Since cyber crimes are rising more than usual, these tips will definitely benefit anyone to stay safe for everyone who’s using the Internet! Cyber crimes such as phishing, scamming, cyber bullying are definitely your worst nightmare to encounter! Therefore I have made this poster with tips on teaching you how to stay safe online!


I wanted to put forward a collage-style poster that was simple and memorable. These tips were chosen to cater to a younger audience between 10 and 18 years old, where they are beginning to use the Internet regularly for both work and leisure- covering a range of situations. The tips are presented in the same format that we would usually encounter on internet; on Facebook, a login screen, downloading content, location services, and chatting online. This was done to tie the theme of the poster to the prompt, and so that the examples provided are recognisable when encountered on the internet. The cable of the mouse connects the tips, and brings the eye down to the final box, which resembles agreeing to a Terms & Conditions page before using an online service, with the goal of reinforcing the learning. Above all, I hope that my entry is able to leave an impression that will teach younger internet users how they can take action and be safe from malware and crime on the internet.

Staying Safe Online 101

An infographic to teach others how they can stay safe on the web. Includes explanations and examples of some scams that might appear on the internet and what they may look like. It also shows how you can spot fake web addresses and different useful methods of creating passwords.

Cyber Security

It tells the steps and the precautions to take in order to stay safe in the internet. It also tells you why you should stay safe on the internet.